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It is a proven fact that children who have early exposure to music will rapidly develop the areas of the brain related to language and reasoning. Playing a musical instrument can also build self- confidence. Do you have a child who is showing an interest in music? This is a wonderful, life-long skill to develop. The study of music enhances a person's life in so many ways. The skills acquired remain long after age or infirmity force one to give up sports and other activities. It also refines discipline and patience. Piano is a great first instrument, because it allows you to not only hear, but also see, the relationship of one note to another. At Hooper's School of Music, our instructor would love to meet you and tell you more about our music lessons in Selkirk. Contact us for more information.

Why Choose Us?

Quality music education plays an important role in enhancing intellectual skills and abilities outside of music. At Hooper's School of Music, we offer holistic music education that promotes overall development. The teacher at Hooper's School of Music, has many years of experience teaching students from toddler to teenage years and has developed programs that meet the needs of varying ages.


We offer:

Piano lessons: from preparatory to level 6

Music instruction

Piano instruction

Theory: from preparatory to level 8

Private piano lessons

Group theory

Quality Piano Lessons

We offer piano recitals once to twice a year for our students. If you are interested in enrolling your child for our lessons, you may begin by filling out the contact form. We will get back to you and we can set up a meeting to see if piano lessons would be a good fit for your child.


Hooper's School of Music is located at 735 Christie Ave, in Selkirk, MB. The studio is within easy walking distance (via Vaughan Ave. and Agnes St.) from four Selkirk schools. For the convenience of rural students attending school in Selkirk, our instructor is open to teaching during school hours, when they may have a "spare," or at the noon hour.

COVID-19 Update

“With the COVID-19 situation, I switched to online teaching, allowing the students to remain safe in their own homes. This opens the opportunity to accept new online students, and to offer lessons as usual on storm days or during illness.”
- Marilyn Hooper

Professional Affiliations

Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM)

Certified teacher of Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) for elementary piano

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Giving 200% Every Time
"When I’m looking for a piano teacher near my house I’m grateful I found Mrs. Hooper. She is amazing, enthusiastic and very dedicated to her work. She made it very easy for my girls to learn music, complete with materials for her students to make learning fun. You can feel that she loves what she’s doing, does not mind extending her time for her students to learn as much as they could. It’s like giving 200 percent of her time and energy making sure the students are leaving the class learning everything that they should. Thank you so much for teaching our two daughters, their love for music started from you."
- Hazel

Committed to Excellence
“My children have had Marilyn - Mrs. Hooper - for their music theory/piano teacher for the past 8+ years. We have been very happy with their progress, and are amazed at her energy, patience and dedication. Marilyn is a thorough teacher, firm when she needs to be and yet encouraging. I highly recommend Hooper's School of Music to anyone wanting a quality music education for their child."
- Karen K., Lockport MB

Responsible Teacher

"Marilyn is a very nice and responsible piano teacher. She made sure that my daughter learnt theories and did practices to enhance my daughter's piano skills. Marilyn helped us to get all the books we needed and was always well prepared for each recital. We always had efficient communications. She loves her life and garden as well. She is a wonderful teacher to have!"
- Shumei

Experienced Piano Instructions in Selkirk

Our qualified instructor will help your child develop their musical talents.

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